Diala Hamed

(E-RYT 500) Raleigh native Diala was introduced to yoga in 2011 while earning her B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics. After a few classes, she noticed a shift in her mind and body. This shift sparked her curiosity about the philosophy of yoga, and lead her to complete her 200 hour YTT in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. In an immersion program, she studied the practices which ultimately help us become our most humble and content selves. In November 2018 she earned her 300 hr certification at Akhanda Yoga School in Rishikesh, India. She has since taught and participated in yoga across the globe in over 10 countries, across Europe, Asia, and Australia. She spent ten days in silent meditation (Vipassana) in New Zealand to better understand her mind. Yoga has taught Diala to ride the waves of life instead of trying to fight them. She believes wherever you are in your practice is always enough, but when you’re ready she’ll give you the extra push you need to pass your expectations.


Briana Kidd

 (E-RYT 200) first found yoga at the age of 12 years old when she went to class to practice with her dad and sister.  As a gymnast at that time, the physical practice was a pleasure to transition into.  When she retired from gymnastics in high school, Briana remembered how much she enjoyed yoga and thus continued on her journey into the practice.  As she went away to college at Appalachian State University, Briana dove into her daily yoga practice as it helped her to feel at home and grounded in the mountains.  She became very involved in University Recreation and became the Fitness Programmer for the Yoga and Pilates program.  This experience showed her that this is where she is meant to be.  In the summer of 2011, Briana went back home to Miramar, Florida where she completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification at Yoga Connection in Davie, FL.  During her studies, she found that the steady poses of yoga are all a gateway into taking control of the mind and creating your own reality.  Upon graduation, she spent a couple of years deciding if Boone was her home, and once she realized it was, she opened up High Country Yoga in September 2014.  Briana enjoys sharing her passion and experiences with others and strives to make all feel welcome, comfortable, and connected to their highest self.


Brittany Herzberg

Brittany Herzberg has always had a passion for helping others. The leading phrase of her life has been, “If you see someone without a smile, give him one of yours.”  This simple phrase and small deed has grown into much more.

She intended to pursue a career in physical therapy until a chance meeting with a massage therapist inspired a shift in her career path. Brittany studied massage therapy at Miller-Motte College in Cary, North Carolina, where she was named to the President’s List each semester. She completed a program of over 900 hours and graduated in December 2012 with a Diploma in Massage Therapy. In February 2013 she became licensed by the state of North Carolina. She also has an Associate in Science degree from Durham Technical Community College.

Brittany specializes in therapeutic massage and is trained in Julstro Muscular Therapy – a technique combining applied trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and acupressure. She has helped clients from a variety of backgrounds: IT professionals, athletes, parents, children, seniors, and healthcare professionals. She aims to teach all of her clients to help themselves and offers guidance on stretching, strengthening, and at-home massage.

Before she became a licensed massage therapist, Brittany worked for six years in pediatric hematology research at Duke University Medical Center. She prides herself in her years of work as a nanny and babysitter to several families whom she now considers extended family. If you don’t see her at the office, she’s likely behind a camera, on a plane, not far from a yoga mat, or at the barre!


Using the power of the ancient wisdom of yoga to heal ourselves as a way to contribute to healing the world is at the core of all of Lauren’s teachings. She firmly believes that we can honor and care for our individual self and needs while still honoring and supporting the collective community that we create. She openly shares her love, compassion, playfulness, and joy through a holistic and balanced approach taught to her by her teacher, Himalayan Yoga Master Yogrishi Vishveketu who developed Akhanda Yoga. Akhanda means whole, indivisible, which applies not only to each individual, honoring that we are whole and complete exactly as we are, but it also applies to the style of teaching, drawing upon the many ancient wisdoms that come together to seamlessly create a whole and complete yoga practice. Lauren also draws upon her education in Yin Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga, Yoga for PTSD & TBI, Thai Yoga Bodywork, as well as her experiences of living a life of service and of traveling and learning from the wide array of teachers that are presented along the path of life, to create a safe space in which students can explore the depth of their being, create a stronger relationship with Self, drop deeper into gratitude, and use their own intuition to support expansion and transformation. Lauren artfully weaves together science and spirit, bringing a unique balance of anatomy/alignment with the deeper spiritual qualities of the practice.


Aaliya is an E-500 RYT Vancouver, Canada based yoga instructor. Having studied in the birth place of yoga, India- Aaliya’s classes integrate traditional foundations of physical asana, pranayama (breath work), yoga philosophy and mantra (chanting) meditation with a present day approach to philosophy and practice that provides students with a whole and integrative experience. Aaliya has taught yoga in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia and has found an approach to teaching yoga that is accessible and informative to practitioners of all backgrounds and level of experience. Yoga has strengthened her connection to self by finding a balanced practice of patient discipline and experiencing playfulness through the union of breath and movement. Traditional philosophy, mythology and mantra are the heart of her practice. The mythological stories and classical teachings offer a gateway to the universal experiences of what it means to be human. These practices provide wisdom that connect her to her ancestral roots and our innate expansive capacity. Ancient chants that still the mind and leave a permeating vibrational shift within us. It is with this passion for the ‘yuj’ (union) of all parts of what the practice truly provides that she shares with her students.