Our Massage Therapist use various techniques to release tension and tightness built up in the body. 

Julstro Muscular Therapy combines the use of trigger point therapy, myofascial release and acupressure. This type of work greatly benefits anyone who sits at work or in a car, struggles with sciatica, and tension in the hips.

Trigger Point Therapy is focused on finding knots that produce referral pains (a sensation elsewhere in the body). The knot often spasms. This therapy uses pressure and release in an isolated area to help relax the knot away.

Myofascial Release uses sustained, gentle pressure which allows the fascia to relax and unwind. Every body has its own unique presentation of fascial web. It is the body’s strongest connective tissue. Often times, gentler pressure and patience is a more effective treatment for fascial tightness.

Lymphatic Drainage is appropriately named as it works to move the lymph toward the heart. Lymph carries waste products out of the body. If lymph nodes have been removed, or the body is not properly pumping the lymph out on its own, this gentle-pressure massage is a helpful option.



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